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Nuovo Sistema

Da Gennaio 2010  è operativo il nuovo sistema che consente di raggiungere più in fretta ed in modo sicuro il cliente abbattendo costi e tempi di attesa. Visiona il sito per saperne di più o contatta il nuovo numero: 0916878.


Nuovo sito

18 dicembre 2009, siamo fieri di presentare il nuovo sito della Cooperativa Radio Taxi Trinacria, Palermo.


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Trinacria: old and flourishing Land.

The sorting of society's name dates back 20 years ago and it was not fortuitous, infact the magnificent form of the land inspired the founder partners.Old Trinacria was famous as destination of dreams and wonderful travels.
In the past the Island was an intensive trade's cross-road and it has been represented an  example of peaceful exchange beetwen different and several races, religions, and customs. (Expecially as concern the town of Palermo).

A  pacific cohabitation and a particular broad-mindedness were required to catch cultural and  market's opportunities, facing the "differences" and  efficient productions. So, Trinacria represents an uninterrupted travel towards increasing and improving of the land.


Actually, our work and energy aim at reaching and keeping best quality standards, as next as possible,
to our customer's necesities.


Quality is a "must" to make our Society at vanguard as concern the public utility service, inside sicilian
Trinacria Society has got 130 cars of middle-high segment, furnished of all conforts to offer to our clients
top quality services.
We utilize innovative instruments, by means of, we can phisically locate the customer and give taxi
assistance as soon as possible in the nearest zone of call.
Finally, to offer best services at best prices, we established a "convention net" consisting of the
agreement of different societies and public and private offices, who can benefit of special rates


President: Mr. Angelo Rosato

Vice-President: Mr. Gaetano Calista

Cashiere: Mr. Ignazio Caracciolo

Councillors: Mr. Gaetano Calista, Mr. Vito Fortunato, Mr. Giuseppe Visconti, Mr. Onofrio Chifari, Mr. Giuseppe Calafiore

Secretary : Mrs. Valentina Zarcone

Customer Relation Responsible: Mrs. Rosaria Santoro

Call center: Mrs. Ina Castrogiovanni, Mrs. Rosaria Santoro, Mr. Saverio Todaro


Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 111
90145 - Palermo IT
Tel. +39 091 225030
Fax. +39 091 225436
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COOPERATIVA TAXI TRINACRIA - P.IVA IT03367600826 - Via Suor Maria Dolores di Majo, 20 - 90135 Palermo (PA) - Tel. +39 091 6878

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